Steam bans sexually explicit virtual reality game for the third time and its creators regret it

Holodexxx, an erotic and nudity game, will not be released on Valve’s platform.

Video games come in all types and with many different themes, including sexual ones. Some developers are launching to develop these games, but sometimes that brings some problems, since not all platforms accept them, something that happens with Steam. Valve’s platform is very careful about publishing sexual games and sometimes bans them, something that has happened to Holodexxx.

The developers of the game have shared a lengthy post in which they have reported that the game will not be released on Steam because the platform refuses to publish the game. The title has been rejected up to three times due to its explicit content. Holodexxx is a virtual reality video game “for adults that creates unique experiences with photorealistic porn stars.”

Of course, the game is very explicit, something you can see on the video game’s Twitter account. If we look at Steam’s publishing rules, what Holodexxx offers violates those guidelines, since for example Valve’s platform does not allow sexually explicit images of real people, something that this video game has in a very obvious and uncensored way.

The creators have lamented this decision, as they consider that Steam’s stance is not fair to these creations. The studio has argued that when Steam announced that they would allow adult content, they doubled the efforts and invested more in the game, and that now they do not accept it is a big problem for them. They have asked Valve to change their thinking on this issue.

Something curious is that the creators of Holodexxx have indicated that they believe that now, with the MetaHuman tool (it allows to make models of people in a simple and realistic way), many developers will make characters with a great physical resemblance to a real person and that sometimes they will be naked. They have wondered if Steam will ban games that have such modeling. Be that as it may, Holodexxx is not the only game banned in recent weeks: Super Seducer 3 was also banned by Valve.

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